Microsoft Teams and Atlassian Jira come together during teamwork in many businesses. In this article, we will talk about the possibility of integration between Teams and Jira.

By integrating your Jira Cloud or Jira Server installation with Microsoft Teams, you can complete many tasks from a single interface and save time. In order to achieve this integration, you will need to download the Jira application to Microsoft Teams and install the Microsoft Teams for Jira Server/Cloud plugin in the Jira environment you will connect.

When you search by typing Jira in Microsoft Teams Apps, you will encounter two options as Jira Cloud and Jira Server.

When you choose Jira Cloud, it will ask you for the address of your Jira account with the domain

When you click on the connect button, a conversation screen opens for you to complete your integration and your integration is done quickly by providing directions.

You can perform many Jira operations by clicking the Jira Cloud icon on the left or the small Jira icon below. You can search for issues, change field contents, enter effort and create a new record. You can easily comment on an issue and assign people when using Teams.

You can quickly access the issue you are looking for from Microsoft Teams with the default and self-created filters and perform the necessary action, or view it in Jira with the relevant link.

By integrating these two popular applications, you can save time and increase the productivity of your teams.

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