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Category Level Field

Multiple Level Category Custom Fields with Auto Assign Feature

Category Level Field helps you define easily multiple levels of category levels and connected cascading custom fields. Moreover, the app enables you to automatically assign created issues to users associated with categories and map categories to issue types.

Forward and Track for Jira

Forward Issues to Your Connected Jira Instances & Track Remote Work

Connect to remote Jira instances and easily forward work by creating connected remote issues. Admin access to forward Jira instances is not required – just a regular user with permission to remote projects. Also, the app does not require to be installed on connected Jira instances.

Field Teller

Display customfields (including SLA) from related issues in convenient panels – no need to sync field values

Field Teller is an easy to configure JIRA plugin that lets you display parent issue’s custom-field and system-field values of your choice in a convenient panel. You can choose whether the fields you want to display will be placed on the left hand side or right hand side of the issue view page. Field Teller also lets you selectively design the fields to inherit from a task which is organized in a configuration panel.

GoU JQL Functions

Get issues matching groups and organizations of of a user

Lets you filter issues by searching custom group fields, the Organization field (Jira Service Management) and the Team field (Tempo Timesheets). You can either specify a username or use current JIRA session’s user. The JQL function will automatically look up the user’s groups, organizations and teams and match with the content of the provided custom-field.

Turkish Language Pack for Jira

The most downloaded Turkish Language pack for Jira

This app provides Jira Software and Jira Service Management localization support for the Turkish language. With the app installed, you can set Turkish as site default language. Alternatively, users are able to set Turkish as their preferred language in their individual user preferences.

Turkish Language Pack for Confluence

Add Turkish language support to your Confluence instance

A Confluence app that provides localization support for the Turkish Language.

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