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It may be necessary to work with teams from outside the company for tasks such as migrating Jira to the Cloud. It will be very useful to create the road map in Confluence, divide the work and follow it. However, by inviting these people to Confluence, you do not want them to see company information or pay extra license fees for a temporary period With Confluence Guests, you can turn individual spaces into secure, collaborative silos to share information and move work forward with people outside of your organization. :slight_smile:

✅ First of all, good news about pricing! 5 guests per licensed user can be invited free of charge. It is important to note that the number of guests and the total number of licensed users cannot exceed the number in your Confluence payment plan.

Finally, this feature is not available in the Free plan.

❗️Important Warning:

You cannot add active or former users as guests. It wouldn’t suit its purpose. If this is detected, there is a warning that Atlassian has the right to restrict your access

What can guests do in Confluence?

They have different permissions than the regular Confluence user. They can only view the space they were added to by the Confluence admin or space admin. They cannot see any pages or spaces other than the shared ones. Guests can only have permission to 1 space.

They can also access spaces where anonymous users are allowed in the space settings.

Default Space Permissions

Once the guests are granted access to the relevant space, they have the following permissions by default.

Assign space access to guests

Guests without space access cannot use Confluence. Even if they are invited as guests from the user management page, they must be assigned in a space. There are several methods to assign space.

1. Global Permission

  1. Go to the global permission page.

  2. Click the Guests tab.

  3. Find the guests you want to assign.

  4. Select the space in the Confluence Access column on the right side.

2. Assign space access in bulk

  1. Go to the global permission page.

  2. Select the guests you want to assign from the list.

  3. Give permission with the assign space button that appears above the list.

3. Space Settings

  1. Go to the space you’ve chosen for them.

  2. Select Space settings in the sidebar.

  3. In the Space permissions card, select General.

  4. Scroll to the Guest users section. Type in your guest’s name, select them, and select Add.

  5. Don’t forget to select Save all button at the bottom of the page.

❌ Except for the permissions below, other permissions can be granted to guests.

  • Space admin

  • Export space

  • Restrictions

🚫 Global permissions cannot be given to the “confluence-guests” group from the space permissions page in the admin settings.


User Directory

Guests’ access to the user directory is restricted. Therefore, they cannot perform the following operations:

  • Mentioning a user with @ in comments and on the page,

  • Teams tab in the top menu

  • User search

  • User picker

System Apps

  • Analytics (site-level and space-level)

  • Team Calendars

  • Confluence Questions

Marketplace Apps

They can access and add plugins. However, marketplace app developers can prevent this.

Third-party Apps

If a third-party app used by your organization is enabled in any spaces or on any pages that guests have access to, then those guests will be able to interact with it.

ℹ️ Guests cannot yet use the Confluence mobile app. A ticket has been opened for this, but work has not started.

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