About Brisa Bridgestone

Brisa Bridgestone is one of Europe’s largest tire producers, with its brands Lassa and Bridgestone distributed in over 80 countries worldwide. Brisa Bridgestone manufactures passenger, SUV, light truck, truck, bus, agriculture and off the road tyres in 2 plants –500.000m2’s of covered area in which every 2.5 seconds 1 tyre is produced. Dedicated to operational excellence, Brisa has recently embarked on a mission to overhaul its IT operations with emphasis on visibility bringing its 2000 employees to the same digital platform.

The Challenge

For Brisa Bridgestone’s ongoing IT Agile Transformation Project, the choice of software was crucial for the project’s success. The biggest challenge was to bring service and Project management teams on a shared platform, to plan and report effectively, and in doing so bridge the two with risk analysis. Another important criterion was to be able to measure the  cycle time of projects across business units and enable managers to report on their teams in real time.

The Solution

Using the Swiss army knife of apps “ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud” by Adaptavist it has been possible to compute cycle times across business units in a complex formula determined by the requirement. Also, implemented automatic jobs and workflow customizations complete the solution. Reports generated with data provided by ScriptRunner are crucial for the weekly IT Agile Transformation Project meetings and for the visibility overall.


Adopting Atlassian Cloud for IT operations has increased visibility across the organization and allowed for better collaboration. Thanks to custom metrics implemented with ScriptRunner, required data is now easily accessible and the overall picture can be interpreted correctly.


Due to necessary reports now being readily available, meeting duration has been dramatically cut to 15 minutes and operational efficiency has increased. Organizational units are now able to track and address bottlenecks as they happen. Reporting to the executive board has also been made easier.


Integrating Risk Analysis in project management workflows was also a big priority. Implementing the complex approval hierarchy has been crucial and it has only been made possible with ScriptRunner. 

We needed a bridge between data and teams to determine project bottlenecks. Thanks to visibility provided by our ScriptRunner customizations implemented by Almbase, IT is now delivering results faster 


Akın Polat – Information Security and Governance

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