Active Directory Attributes Sync plugin allows to pull and manage user attributes in the external user directory (Active Directory, LDAP) into Jira. Learn more about users on your AD server and view them in various places in Jira, including Service Desk. In addition, it provides the following features:

  • Getting admin approvals is much easier now. By setting an acceptance rule with an only “AD Users” condition, processes such as an approval mechanism or even multiple admin approvals can be designed.

You can condition your workflow with data synchronized with Active Directory by using the value in the AD admin field, the condition named “Only User From AD

When you select the condition, we recommend that you select the option below to disable this condition in cases where the user selected from AD does not exist.

  • With a special JQL function, issue searches can be made according to the user’s characteristics.

The AD Attributes Sync plugin adds the searchFromAD JQL function that allows you to search for issues with synced attributes from the AD server. This functionality can be used in Jira, issue search, saved filters, and anywhere JQL is available, such as an agile board query. E.g;

  • To find issues opened by a software developer:

searchFromAD("reporter","Job title","Software developer")

  • To search for Developer issues working at Almbase:


  • You can directly access corporate information such as department, phone number or manager of a job you expect to be done through Jira. The Deviniti custom field allows you to select the AD domains you want to view.
  • You can generate reports based on your AD domains. You can add multiple of the same report tool and display a different dataset in each chart.

You can customize your reports using the table, pie, and column chart options.

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