Elements Connect is an application for connecting Jira fields to any data source such as REST API, Remote files, SQL and LDAP. With Elements Connect, you can bring your external data to Jira Software and Jira Service Desk. It ranges from basic use cases, such as the tool to select filtered records, to more advanced configurations, such as the Best Buy catalog search tool.

  • Import contact details from LDAP to Jira.
  • Search for product details from Best Buy in Jira.
  • Improve your IT Service catalog with Projectrak.

The IT Service Desk portal is managed by the IT team. Thanks to Projectrak, the project manager creates the project areas and prepares the current service list, and this information is moved to the JSD portal with the Element Connect connection.

Projectrak allows you to create custom fields for Jira at the project level, unlike custom fields at the issue level. You can find and sort projects you are interested in using the project search. Just like in the issue search, you can save project filters to use whenever you want.

You can create all your missing project custom fields such as project status, scrum master, end date.

You can set it up to receive regular report emails about updates to projects.

Thanks to multiple operations, you can make many changes such as status, role or category in more than one of your projects at once. For example, normally when you need to add someone to the project role, you have to define it for all projects individually. However, Projectrak provides the convenience of doing this in one go.

In the Release section, you can view the release timeline of your projects and make date changes from this area.

You can create reports with Projectrak’s own graphical tools.

EazyBI is a business intelligence application and we recently shared an article about it. You can find our article here. You can also create reports by importing the Projectrak fields you created into EazyBI.

Elements Connect: https://elements-apps.com/products/connect-for-jira/

Projectrak: https://www.deiser.com/projectrak

eazyBI: https://eazybi.com/products/eazybi_jira

You can also contact us at info@almbase.com for more information and support.

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